Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tomasz Bagiński "Animated History of Poland" (2010)

Animated History of Poland is the latest work from the great Polish director, Tomasz Bagiński. It is only a trailer sadly and by definition almost such shorts deal in hype but there’s got to be something there to work on. The action here in fact is big production stuff with state of the art 3D and a gripping theme - a country steeped in history laid bare, from medieval fire eaters to charging knights on horseback to all horrors of the twentieth century. Nazi banners unfurl over Warsaw whilst tanks and warplanes are locked in combat; all the drama of a great country that has known more than its fair share of troubles is translated into spectacular animated action. As if that is not enough, an absolutely stirring soundtrack from Adam Skorupa generates extra drama. I am unable to offer the full movie as yet but there is the added bonus of a selection of high quality images from the production. The eight minute film has been made for the Polish Pavilion at Shanghai's 2010 EXPO by Tomasz' production company, Platige Image. We are promised the entire film in the fullness of time.

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