Friday, 21 May 2010

Waldemar Booth " FSV Mainz 05 COFACE ARENA" (2010)

Waldemar Booth saw my post a day or so ago about Georges Schwizgebel’s Hors-jeu and got in touch. He was "amazed" at the similarity between his test commercial, FSV Mainz 05 Coface Arena , and the 33 year old film. No Super-8 camera for him, I think, the 3D stadium and scribbling being in Adobe After Effects. As it happens, I had just been experimenting myself with the scribble effect in AE. (Refer to an excellent video tutorial from Creative Cow by Aharon Rabinowitz for one approach.) Waldemar actually did 99% of the scribbling by hand, creating the short in two months in his own time, unaware of his illustrious predecessor. I flatter myself that the Animation Blog shares a role in revealing the animation heritage for an obvious soccer fan. Waldemar’s commercial makes for a contrast with that of Georges being, as one might expect, more contemporary in tone with an upbeat soundtrack. There are plenty of goals and a stadium given a misty glamour, plus plenty for the fans to get excited about with the scarves and banners in flamboyant red and white. The flickering, scribbled effect makes for a stylish endorsement for a club going up in the world with its brand new Coface Arena due to be opened for the new season.


Distorteddogma said...

Reinventing the wheel is our heritage. There is almost too much information out there to scour through everything and find a solution to what you see in your head or your client is asking for. Occasionally you can get lucky and have someone come along and help you in postmortem. All you can hope for is that your new version of the wheel was more effective than the one you could have used had you known about it.

Be Well.

Ian Lumsden said...

Animators reinvent the wheel all the time. I am very familiar with all of Adobe's software but am constantly surprised, and occasionally a little embarrassed at my mistakes, when referring to an animation technique in my blog that turns out to be utter nonsense.