Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Aaron Kisner & Pistachios "Vital Voices - The Story of Kakenya" (2010)

Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg introduces Vital Voices - The Story of Kakenya an artfully made short telling the story of Kayenka Ntaiya, a young woman who was engaged to be married at five years old, her African parents following a tradition that ensures their financial security. However she has an ambition to become a teacher and pursues that dream becoming, with the support of the community elders, the only girl to attend college in the village’s history. The video, part film, part animation, narrated by Kayenka herself, was commissioned by Vital Voices Global Partnership, co-directed by Aaron Kisner and Blacklist Pistachios, and arranged via YouTube Video Volunteers. The style is best described by Pistachios: "I went for a really simple blocky style of animation. Even when you draw it simple, you can get a lot of expression across just by simple faces and postures. It's almost like the simpler it gets, the more effective the expression will be. I think it's because your brain does the filling-in and it automatically becomes more emotional. I also went for really soft textures and colours, to contrast the sharp shapes.” Dan Radlauer’s music gently complements a life affirming film that is faithful to the African tradition and landscape.


Claire said...

I LOVED this one. Its amazing to think as an animator you can help give a voice to such an inspirational story! Its no nice to hear something uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

Ian Lumsden said...

Thank you, Claire, I appreciated it both as art and for its story.