Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Adam Vian "Inspiration, Perspiration" (2010)

Inspiration, Perspiration takes a look at the work of that great inventor Thomas Edison, or at least at the man behind the man as its director, Kingston University student, Adam Vian explains it. In illuminating fashion he demonstrates how Edison gets his underling to all the work whilst he himself obtains the credit and rewards. The incandescent light bulb was his main invention in a jaw-dropping series of them and I have little knowledge of how much work the great man himself did, though he was singularly commercially minded and there was some dispute over patents. The animation has him dispensing ideas in a haughty manner though the actual bulb in question was straightforward theft. Evan Merz contributes a musical backdrop that underscores the light treatment of its subject. The clear drawing and smooth animation make for a delightful little piece, Adam’s graduation film. Interesting how often the light bulb sparking off has been used as visual shorthand for the great idea. Edison is credited with an explanation that embraces all excellence from science to sport: "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." Cue title of film in which the inventor certainly contributes his 1%.

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