Thursday, 17 June 2010

Elle Farnham "The Grand Pier" (2008)

There is a scrapbook look to Elle Farnham’s The Grand Pier, with its mixed blend of pencil drawing, audio snapshots and picture postcards. This delightful film is a celebration of the Grand Pier at traditional British seaside resort, Weston Super Mare. Ironic then that the pier burnt down literally days after Elle completed the film so the two minute short is something of a time capsule. The sound is extra-ordinarily evocative with waves crashing, children screaming, families talking, organ playing, dogs barking, folk reminiscing. The constant movement is akin to focusing the giant coin-operated telescope to take in the panoramic sweep of the place, quickly sketched, an appropriately placed photographic image, a gentle line of colour – orange and blue for beach and sea. Quite, quite lovely and I hope not just for such as me who remember days like this, though not, as it happens, Weston Super Mare, a place I have never visited but will now. Sadly, as may be seen from the photograph, the pier will no longer be in its majestic state.

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