Sunday, 6 June 2010

Régis Camargo "Her Lion’s Jump" (2008)

I have been away enjoying the fine weather with my family; sorry for the gap in transmission. Her Lion’s Jump by Régis Camargo is an excellent animated film in which traditional skills of the animator are very much to the fore in an essentially traditional movie. Sandy is chastised by mum for her daydreaming, screws up her drawing of a lion before falling asleep and waking up to discover the lion in person, transported into her bedroom. She sets off on a journey on her new friend’s back and rediscovers her confidence. In essence then, a simple wish fulfillment fantasy but one characterized by unusually good voices from Fred Tatasciore as the lion and Evelyn Hwang as Sandy, plus technical skill as an artist shown in the 2D drawing and accomplished movement. Regis obtained his MA from at the UCLA Animation Workshop and has subsequently worked on Shane Acker’s feature film "9". He was born in Brazil in 1979 moving to the US in 1993. He admits to being influenced by Japanese animation, as can be seen to an extent in his thesis film.

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