Friday, 25 June 2010

Linda Audyová "Last Minute" (2010)

Last Minute may be explained by the title in Linda Audyová’s graduation film from Tomas Bata University, in Zlinin, Czech Republic. It takes its cue from a farmer about to club to death a luckless rabbit, the animal’s last images or subconscious being explored in a largely abstract vision that stresses the interconnectivity of everything. Would that were consolation? There is a strange beauty in the computer designed 2D film, elevated by the suitably mysterious music by Marek Gabriel Hruška. From the dark silhouettes of the opening scenes Linda takes us on a colourful if enigmatic journey, a mix of the microscopic and cosmic, always confidently designed, from delicately coloured cells to a shadowy more evolved world where young people dance to a band in a grey universe to which they are attached by what, in a darker vision, I could take for nooses though I guess they are the strands that bind us. The credits both at the beginning and end are equally stylish as is the entire piece. Linda has made a music video, On the Knees for Robo Grigorov that has something of the same style.

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