Monday, 7 June 2010

Mark Zibert & Gary Thomas "Legendary Biru" (2010)

This is the second time I have reviewed a commercial for a Japanese brewing company, the first being for saki, today’s being Sapporo beer. Legendary Biru is co-directed by Mark Zibert (Sons and Daughters) and Gary Thomas (Crush) both studios from Toronto. Dentsu Canada was the agency. The directors aim for the grand spectacle in their epic depiction of the brewing process, engaging interest and thirst with a series of revolving rooms from martial warriors riding their horses beside the pure mountain waters, water collected in vast caverns by legions of workers, fermentation in gleaming copper amidst sumo wrestlers, heated by flaming dragons, chilled in an iced land, barrelled by drumming workers, and served up as a vast edifice in a state of the art city. It lasts something like two minutes, created from large scale live production involving a seeming army of costumed Samurai and Geisha, integrated into a CG and 2D environment. The result is pretty fabulous assisted in no small measure by the music of the Grayson Matthews team that elevates an already grand production. Culturally and aesthetically the work is hugely impressive, the beer has yet to be sampled. I might wish reviewers got perks.

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