Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Michélé De Feudis & Joris Bergman "You Look Familiar" (Team William 2010)

Michélé De Feudis and Joris Bergman’s You Look Familiar for Team William certainly does with its use of Max Fleischer and the Super Mario Brothers. It is a superior piece of work, cheery not to say cheeky with a genuine sense of fun. A child is born and, walking away from his family, fairly bounces along through an irreverent world peopled by dominoes playing cards, whorish sister with factory conveyor belt, mother with bloody meat cleaver and father dallying with woodpecker. The lyrics suggest the irreverence but the drawings are lovely, a mix of seaside, saucy postcard and emblematic animation styles. It took one month to make and is full of humour that repays several viewings if one is to get all the visual gags. Joris and Michélé live in Ghent. The link is to Radar Music Video that might best be described as a social network site for those in the music, film or animation business, introducing directors to musicians and vice versa, commissioning, responding to, or promoting a video, or simply interacting with like-minded music or directorial folk. There is a monthly fee – not startling – for which film-makers may publicise their wares and clients select the most appropriate director for them. For such as me there’s an opportunity to view all the showcased talent though the energetic CEO, Caroline Bottomley, keeps me informed of the animated material. The testimonials read well with a list of directors whose work commands respect. It's a neat idea and I wish I'd thought of it.

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