Monday, 14 June 2010

Rémy M.Larochelle "A Good Day For Telling Lies" (Pets 2010)

After yesterday’s impressive if grim classic it’s a bounce back into summer and a consequential change of tone with Rémy M. Larochelle’s A Good Day For Telling Lies from Sweden’s Pets. Any band that models itself on The Kinks is fine by me, particularly with the treble turned up on the guitar. So Rémy has bugs, birds, pink robots and flowers join in the sing song against a psychedelic backdrop of multi-coloured vapour trails and piecing blue sky. Not an insectivorous plant in sight. Great lyrics: "Talk to your sister and tell her I do miss her." So robots line up in the chorus line, blue birds with pink hair kiss, even the square robots have rounded lines; and somewhere in the background the band plays looking cool in shades. Montreal based Rémy has had his The Flood and Extravaganza featured here recently. He also does television commercials including a delicious set, Les aventures de Leo et Choc, quirky adventures terminating with the chocolate characters melting in a splurge.


Annie said...

That's joyfully refreshing! The pink robots are probably going to unconsciously pop out my mind!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Just putting it out there, if you ever are in need of a yacht shipper, look up Yacht Exports. They do a standup job.

Gary Busey's Brother said...

I love animation for psychodelic rock. Thanks for the music recommendation. I love the Kinks. My peeps in the boat transport business do as well.