Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sarah Wickliffe "Art’s Desire" (2006)

Sarah Wickliffe’s award winning Art’s Desire (great title) has a cubist character from Picasso’s Guernica escape the inferno and investigate other paintings in the gallery in an attempt to discover a more peaceful world. Sarah takes some of the great works, gradually bringing them to animated life as our cubist friend fails to sunbathe with the Sunday revellers à la Georges Seurat, befriends one of Salvador Dali’s beauties (bearing a similarity to Sarah herself, dare I say) and in turn is offered a solution to her problem, sharing it with Edward Munch’s famous creation who is in need of respite care more than most. Well drawn, funny and endearing, the music by Kenny Werner adds just the right tone, with his light, melodic touch on the piano. It took a full year to complete. Sarah works freelance in New York having trained at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.


Sarah Wickliffe said...

Hey, thanks for the nod! I'm glad to see the film still resonates four years later :)

Ian Lumsden said...

Good work like this always does, Sarah. My knowledge of art could not tell me whose was the jungle canvas. I'd seen it before, liked it but simply could not put a name to it. Any assistance in this matter gratefully received. And was the nude with the drawers you?

Sarah Wickliffe said...

The jungle was a composite of various paintings by Henri Rousseau.

As for the drawer lady... the resemblance wasn't intentional, but immediately after animating her I was called out on it by several friends. Lets call it an involuntary self-portrait ;)

Thanks again for the kind words!

PS- In addition to freelancing, I'm also working as a Graphic Designer at The Onion now.