Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Hampa Studio "Margarita" (2009)

Hampa Studio base their very assured short film, Margarita, on a poem by Rubén Darío - Margarita, how beautiful the sea is. Written by the poet for a daughter of a close friend, poem and film tell the story of the little princess who has a quite magical life in her castle with her loving father, the King. When she sees a glistening star she sets off on an epic sea voyage to obtain it, without seeking permission. In fact the fantasy element is rich in the original poem: "But, alas, our little one went far/ across the sea, beneath the sky,/ and all to cut the one white star/ that left her wondering a sigh." Alex Cervantes writer/director and writer/producer Diana Rodriguez take their cues from this, the film rich in beautifully orchestrated and coloured spectacle, none more so than the girl setting off on her journey by tiny boat, the motor of which is a record player, the speaker under the keel emitting musical notation. Storms, whales, pirate ship and mountain peaks await the princess. There is also a lesson to be learnt from the movie, the little girl pursuing a dream, overcoming obstacles. ( The Spanish soccer team had similar high ambitions and the skill to stick to their beliefs.) Margarita is a professional production, a full studio team contributing to its success. I must pick out Ivan Llopis for his superb music, alongside a stand-out song from Lonely Drifter Karen. It is refreshing to see a full making of film recording the thoughts of those concerned, and the production from low tech pencil to extremely high tech CG, even a word with the composer and footage of the soundtrack being recorded. Hampa Animation Studio is located in Valencia.


mayuri said...

Henrik Malmgren’s well crafted The Guest has a not dissimilar feel to that classic 1955 Ealing comedy The Ladykillers where instead of Mrs. Louisa Wilberforce we have the lonely Elsa celebrating the birthday of her departed husband when a fugitive from the police takes shelter in her home.

ahintonx7 said...

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