Monday, 12 July 2010

Henrik Malmgren "The Guest" (2010)

Henrik Malmgren’s well crafted The Guest has a not dissimilar feel to that classic 1955 Ealing comedy The Ladykillers where instead of Mrs. Louisa Wilberforce we have the lonely Elsa celebrating the birthday of her departed husband when a fugitive from the police takes shelter in her home. The brute - complete with pump action shotgun, police helicopters screaming overhead and the house surrounded - is charmed by the old lady whose solution to the problem is gracious and not without tension. The 3D drama contrasts the sedate home of the lady with the urban chaos occurring noisily outside. As with its illustrious predecessor, the feature is the relationship between old lady and criminal, a tour of the family photograph album cementing a friendship. Very largely self-financed the film was made in co-operation with Open Workshop and the West Danish Film Fund. Teacher and musician, the multi-talented Henrik has a dedicated site for the film.


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Renderfarm said...

Very well rendered work! I'm a big fan of Henrik Malmgren :)