Friday, 16 July 2010

Jeff Scher "Summer Hours" & Tobias Hall "Threads"

Taking a screen shot for Summer Hours by that harbinger or recorder of the seasons and life in general, Jeff Scher, much beloved of the Animation Blog, is an interesting task for no frozen frame is ever quite the same. Frozen is an inappropriate word for this particular film is about warm, sunny weather by the sea, summer at its most evocative, suffused with an essence straight from our childhood, when excitement mounted the nearer to the sea we got. So seagulls, waves, sun, yachts, fish, sand, blue skies fading to dusk and night fishing. And mosquitoes - certainly can’t forget those. There’s something of the symbiotic about Jeff’s relationship with composer Shay Lynch, like the horizon on a blue sea, one merges into the other. Jeff speaks of a darker mood given the appearance of an oil rig (without the BP motif as far as I can discern) emphasised by the music and sound distortion though I can’t see or hear it myself. Still, there is a skull on the beach as subliminal warning of something drowned out by the infectious loveliness of summer. Skull not withstanding, by absolute way of contrast view another rotoscoped animation from Coventry University’s Tobias Hall, newly graduated with a first class degree, the final project being Threads, a monochromatic, music video for Portishead whose anguished music establishes an altogether colder season than does Summer Hours. In his Vimeo notes, Tobias writes of the angst aired as our guy unravels by the door or is submerged on the sofa. The rotoscope animation has a bare boned realistic effect made the more interesting as the surreal creeps in and the guy disintegrates in line with the lyrics: "I'm worn, tired of my mind/ I'm worn out, thinking of why/ I'm always so unsure." Bundle of laughs: but distinctive work from Tobias.


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Tobias writes of the angst aired as our guy unravels by the door or is submerged on the sofa.

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