Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tobias Stretch "In The Summer" (Crystal Fighters 2010)

The irrepressible Tobias Stretch is back again with In The Summer from Crystal Fighters. By now regular readers of the Animation Blog will know the score. Tobias creates fantastic puppets and props filming them in a rural location, here amongst gloriously sunny grassland and a waterfall. There is always an invigorating quality to his work, the fast moving music driving the piece along at a furious lick. I always watch for his vehicles. As a boy I had a home-made go-cart, or bogie as we used to call them. So I try to work out how Tobias achieves the practicalities each time, with complementary puppets lashed to the cart and camera attached. His carts are somewhat more ornate than mine however, this one propelled by rainbow balloons. He has a flair for colour, the sun god (for wont of a better description) all fiery and yellow, flowers in the meadows a sympathetic echo, the contrast with the dark and water well made. I have no idea of meaning though the lyrics of throwing coins into a wishing well are translated vibrantly into tiny puppets squeezed into a super nova mouth. Or something. And I suggest the head peeps out of saffron spiced oil in water. Beautiful really.

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