Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Zach Cohen "The Chair Not Taken" (2010)

Satire surprisingly perhaps is not something attempted by many students of animation as compared, say, with drawn cartoons for magazines where satire often has real bite. Refreshing therefore to view Zach Cohen’s amusing The Chair Not Taken. Made at the Shenkar School of Design and Engineering, Zach’s thesis film takes a painter whose seat is left for a moment whilst he recharges his paint brush inducing a mad dash by the exclusively elderly politicians desperate to gain the empty chair. Politicians the world over will scramble for a safe seat in parliament causing much spilt paint in the process. Nice touch that the only colour in an otherwise black on white film is red, much of it splurged in the frenetic last moments before, chair flattened, the spellbound politicians come back to earth – for a moment. In fact there are subtle touches of humour throughout. I liked the guy fending off chair grabbers with a flag, or the leapers into space acting out gravity defying dances behind the very down to earth decorator in the elevator. Flash used for this hand drawn look works very well. And politicians spill litres of paint and never clean up. Or is that oil comapnies? Count up how many politicians are represented. I think our own Winston is there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

that story was told many years ago by Daniel Szczechura: check it!