Saturday, 25 September 2010

Arjen Klaverstijn "Manfred" (2010)

Here is something nice and light to re-establish myself after so long away, my vacation, professional and personal circumstances taking a strange turn, not entirely planned. Arjen Klaverstijn graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts with Manfred, an amalgam of Maya’s 2D and 3D technology. The short is a simple, humorous piece in which Manfred queues at a bus stop only to be out manoeuvred and lose his place to others, bad enough at any time but worsened by a deluge of rain, albeit a situation our guy turns to best advantage. In an age where reality of animated figures can be absolute, Arjen has rectangular characters, some taller or squarer than others, but imposing a satisfying chunkiness, the endearing central character a hoped for model for other proposed episodes. Click here to view a series of clips revealing the making-of secrets. Expressions of concern for my welfare have been welcome though, as I have been quick to reiterate, for the past fortnight I have been somewhere mid-Mediterranean, or was it the Aegean? Anyway it was hot.


Ghost said...

Hi, nice work. Actually I could use a feedback on a short animation I did with xtranormal's state. I'd appreciate if anyone here takes a look at and comments.

SMW said...

Love the style of this animation, the characters are so original, love the style and the soft lighting. Congratulations on this great piece!

Leder aktentasche said...

Really funny - awesome.

Ann said...

very creative and the originality is admirable, if only more pieces like this would exist rather than the usual comic,

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linh khanh said...

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