Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dafna Axel "Table for 2"

It is a delicious return after a dramatic change of career and an extremely long vacation. So with due apologies to all those whose work I have yet to feature (broken promises!!!) here goes... Dafna Axel’s graduation film, Table for 2, explores a young couple ‘s relationship over several courses. In Bill Plymptonesque fashion, the pair undergo the little tribulations of romance, from the fresh rose that blooms in the cheeks, the gentle touch of fingers over a glass of red wine to more stodgy fare, as a chicken leg is seized in the hand and etiquette discarded as surely as the chewed bones. But this is a tale with a happy ending as our guy bares his chest and shares the washing up. Dafna’s artistic talent is obvious in a wittily conceived and executed short, with delicate colouring. The reference to the great man above should be considered a compliment though I guess the action at the sink would not end so harmoniously in Bill’s hands. A promising career beckons for Dafna.