Thursday, 25 August 2011

Merav and Yuval Nathan "Lose This Child" (Eatliz 2011)

52 nights filming on an Israeli beach seems like heaven to me, creating turtle sandcastles that crawl towards the ocean and circle the moon. Lose this Child has a gorgeous song from Eatliz and the pedigree of proven film-makers Merav and Yuval Nathan whose flair for and patience with stop-motion is once again demonstrated. The lighting is delectable, soft, moon-lit, night-time blues of sea and shore, a back-drop of bars and nightlife, then an emerging turtle scooping itself into the sand to release rounded balls of sand. Will they hatch and elude the predatory fish that is but one of the obstacles modern life places before them? And the image above is not a turtle; our Gods freeing many creatures onto the Earth, here elvers released with a shake of a deity’s locks. The film is to be screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival from September 29 - October 14. This is just one of the many treasures I should have featured were I not also frequenting the beach though in less productive mode. And, lest I forget, because I got it terribly wrong last time I featured their work (Her Morning Elegance), Merav and Yuval are a couple.

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Great video!
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