Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Adam Sharp "The Little Thief" (2005)

Some weeks ago England experienced riots that were a combination of mass hysteria and plain and simple greed. So many thieves. Well, a large number of them will have time to reflect on their situation now they've had to cancel their holidays. Harsh though the judiciary was, here's a cautionary tale of what could be. The Little Thief is a professional piece from the prolific Adam Sharp with an excellent score from one of the top composers around, Dimitri Tchamouroff. Puppets that come alive and a haunted house. And be warned: the ending will keep you hanging by a thread.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Thanks for your piece on my short, glad you likd it. Just to let you know the image you have is not from my film.

Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Adam, and sorry. I did not have an image editor available at the time and used Google rather badly to find an image. Rectifed now.

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