Monday, 5 September 2011

Anthony F. Schepperd "The Music Scene" (2010)

An obligation of returning to my blog after a year's inattention! This is one I owe, though doubtless well known to readers. The Music Scene was created for New York hip hop artist, Blockhead, by Anthony F. Schepperd. Music video's can be a mixed bag. At their worst they are made on a meagre budget and in no time at all. The music company's exploit those eager to break into the market, willing to work for stale air. Undeniably at other times music commissions support the industry, inspiring the best work. Such is this. I have covered one of Anthony's films previously and was therefore prepared for the stream of consciousness that frames the work, bright hallucinogenic colour, unabashed 2D, and at its heart an immediate, fluent drawing ability to complement real wit. Familiar figures from cartoon fantasy land, humanoid ones that unravel and then reform, shapes that swirl, the enigmatic stag.


Flash animation said...

This animation looks great!!! Really glad to come to this blog!! it's cool!!!

animation institute said...

loved this one !