Friday, 2 September 2011

Ewan Green "High Water" (2009)

I've remembered why I love animation. Ewan Green was rather self-effacing in his e-mail to me way back in April, but High Water is a smashing little film in which he uses original line drawings worked over in After Effects and Photoshop to tell a story of old age, or at least one facet of it. A man and woman face each other across the dinner table in their fishing cottage, surrounded by life's paraphernalia, each bored with the other, both in their own way cantankerous. Life's glum. The woman is no longer the jolly, colourful figure of her youth - a fact charmingly realised in the use of the doll. When the fisherman dons his gear and storms off to escape it is all too much for his wife. Subtle throughout, never strictly literal, with some delightful watery colouring, the story is certainly about old age, but most of all love and not taking one another for granted. Such affection in their, eventual, embrace. (Ewan, I was not nearly so sensitive when I was your age!) Made in 2009 at Edinburgh College of Art, the film deserves the exposure. Such a thoughtful title too.

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