Friday, 9 September 2011

Léonard Cohen "Plato" (2010)

I sometimes write a review, then scrap it, change the film, get it wrong, scrap it, write it again, scrap it, go back to the original via the Recycle Bin, and start again. Actually I don't. I've no time for that. So what I write I publish, given a little pruning. The fabulously named Léonard Cohen and his equally fabulously entitled creation, Plato. Here a figure struggles to get the shape just right. Time and again the object is discarded until, as an apple falling from a tree - or was that another Eureka moment and a different Brit or Greek - a solution is found. Funny, retro, clever and fluidly drawn. Léonard studied at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif and received Best Graduation Film at Annecy 2011. How gratifying the judges rewarded such an simple, inventive film, given a plethora of mind boggling 3D with every colour in the palette movies, many of which I, of course, feature here.

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IKL said...

Plato will be shown at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium from 3 til 10 December.

There will also be a Flemish and European competition with a lot of good short movies and other programmes, like Animation Nations and short films for children. This year there will be special attention to Ireland and there's a unique historical series: Milestones in short film history!