Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Mortys" (2011) Gaelle Lebegue, Mathieu Vidal, Aurelien Ronceray-Peslin and Nicolas Villeneuve

A feat of technological wizardry, for me anyway, when I downloaded the Vimeo application for my new Samsung internet TV, having added fast streaming hardware. First test: check out the Vimeo HD Channel, specifically Mortys (or, should you prefer, via the directors' website). Gaelle Lebegue, Mathieu Vidal, Aurelien Ronceray-Peslin and Nicolas Villeneuve do the honours in yet another impressive graduation film from ESMA. Death, complete with robes and scythe, is not an unusual figure in animation, though I have never considered the Grim Reaper to be a hard worked single parent with a techno child, bored, desperate to introduce a little much needed modernity to the ageless ritual of waiting for death to arrive, Death here being something of a scavenger, mankind's servant, at his beck and call. It is tedious work awaiting a distraught young man terminate his life. Surely there's a quicker, more modern way of doing things, sort of streamline the operation, computerise the whole damn thing, align the work/life balance. Well so thinks impetuous Youth much to mum's chagrin and mankind's too, come to think. Mass destruction and having to explain the facts of life all in one day. Gallic wit of the whimsical variety accorded the glossy treatment of one of animation's educational powerhouses. Film and the Lumsden LAN pass muster, I think.

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Very much in detail art and animation. Like this one!!!! Good job!!