Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pola Gruszka "Three Brothers" (2011)

Here's a Who Dun It from London's Motherlode studios: Three Brothers. Be warned however as it has the worst ending in the world. Pola Gruszka is the Head of Animation there, a talented woman whose represented work on her website is strictly commercial. Therefore the gentle, tongue in cheek tale of the three brothers who attempt to unravel which of the three murdered the uninvited guest, is a diversion and a pleasure. Pola graduated from Kingston University in 2008 and here provides a little (but not quite) girl's voice for a rhymed poem and some stylish graphics. Premi Ksiazek contributes a twinkling, melodramatic score and the whole thing breezes along in cheery fashion, the suspects being presented in traditional Hercule Poirot format though the denouement is offered by a narrator from further east than Belgium.


John Mulu said...

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nanti said...

Thank you very much for this post and for the very interesting blog you have. It's always inspiring.