Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Avner Geller & Stevie Lewis "Defective Detective” (2011)

Defective Detective is a product of Ringling College of Art and Design that makes the grade. I view a lot of CG movies and, frankly, have to separate wheat from a lot of chaff.   Top students, Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis, offer traditional comic romp much in the style of a Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. A would-be detective searches for a murderer of a little old lady who herself has murderous intent. A kitchen can be a dangerous place for a bungling sleuth. The pair have won many awards, not the least being a Student Academy Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. Nice to see the traditional cartoon style flourishing, helped in no small way by Avner and Stevie being such natural artists as a click on their names above will quickly support. One can tweak Photoshop from here to eternity but genuine artists will out! Anyway, the plot is conventional enough but funny, based, as all farces, on misunderstandings. The shorts I feature here may move one emotionally or scrutinise its subject, Defective Detective is well crafted, traditional slapstick.

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