Monday, 27 February 2012

Izabela Plucinska "7 More Minutes" (2008)

7 More Minutes is offered as a master class in plasticine animation. It is also a thoughtful metaphor on life's great mystery. Four seeming strangers are together in a train compartment when it lurches to a violent stop. They meet again under a hot sun at the beach. Slowly, almost  casually, they are drawn to the sea. But first, they have to discard their clothes that float, garment by garment, into the heavens. This is a gorgeously crafted film, detailed and observational. Something of the strange beauty can be seen in the screenshot, the assorted body shapes, textured lovingly, the sea and sky, suffused with yellow. Seagulls pass overhead, there are the sounds of the sea and almost incidentally there is the distant sound of a railway station. Don't expect drama, or wham bash excitement but your intellect and aesthetic senses will be stirred. Izabela Plucinska is the most remarkable animator. Look at the gentle humour of the feet and toes curling on the sand, or the innovative way she depicts the tide coming in, or the ripples of fat overwhelming the buttocks. Marcin Oles contributes suitably avant-garde music. A gem, I promise you. And such an apposite title.

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Barracuda said...

Very nice film indeed!