Monday, 20 February 2012

Jaime Maestro "FriendSheep" (2010)

A wicked wolf windowcleaner spots an office full of sheep ripe for the slaughter. Obtaining suitable employment he is distracted from his initial plans by tins of an unctuous, meaty dish given him by a fellow employee. Some females are attracted by the wolf in the man. Others are definitely not although our boy smiles a lot and when they crawl out from under the table even those more timorous lady sheep start to be won over. You can appease the wolf only so long, of course.
FriendSheep is a slickly edited treat directed by Jaime Maestro, using his Valencia team from PrimerFrame, and employing 3DS Max and Maxwell Render. James founded the school. His wolf is a fetching creation, rake and monster both, with a full mouth of teeth. There's gratuitous violence aplenty, humour throughout - those teeth again - and a brisk pace.

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