Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Johnny Kelly "Back to the Start" (2011)

 I've featured Royal College of Art graduate, Johnny Kelly - from one of my favourite studios, Nexus - several times before and you, me and well-nigh five and a half million viewers have enjoyed his Back to the Start. It's got all the right credentials in terms of sound and message. The wistful voice of Willie Nelson and his version of the Coldplay song "The Scientist" plus a green message writ large. Green farmer expands farm to factory, realises the error of his ways and returns to green and pleasant pastures. A sure fire winner if I'm any judge. But it's the delightful simplicity of Johnny's work that I love. Kids could play with his farmer and livestock, the factory is all cubes, gelatin coated pellets of antibiotics, and squirty stuff from tubes; the cuddly, piggy bank pigs diced into squares and transported in rectangles looked down on like a train set. The countryside is so wonderful! The ad was put out by Chipotle's Cultivate Foundation. Anyway the film wowed the audience at the recent Grammy awards. Well done Johnny who, to judge by his emails to me in the past, is a nice guy.