Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Julie Duverneuil and Nicolas Perraguin "Au Poil!" (ESMA 2011)

Rank revolution is in the air and it comes from that staunch home of revolution and riot: France. This time though the peasants are truly revolting. Yes, truly, the proletariat reek of unmentionable things. Humans are messy beasts in the washroom. If you scrutinise the screenprint we are talking toilet humour here. From the magic Toulouse home of animation, ESMA, Julie Duverneuil and Nicolas Perraguin have come up with a cracker in  Au Poil! (English sub-titled version) You see, in the bathroom everyone is not equal. There are the glamour jobs and there are the dirty jobs. Julie and Nicolas's citizens of revolutionary fervour is the spokeswoman herself, the toilet brush. Answering her call to arms are the cotton buds, disposable razors and a horde of orc-like bacteria. Lined up against them in a somewhat unequal contest is the ancien regime of lipstick, perfume spray and chic toothbrush. Chic brush has little chance against rabble rouser shit brush, pardon my French.  This is a vivacious, fun film with a frenzy of activity and a frankly viable alternative to the guillotine for the vanquished. If you want to catch the serried ranks of cotton buds singing L'internationnale, this is the Leap Day film for you. Goodness, Au Poil! could become viral.

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