Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tien Hee, Kasumi Saito, Leo Chida and Nikko Hull "Synaesthesia" (2011)

Sick of the noise, din, that detritus of modern life? If you are then Synaesthesia is for you. It's not an original idea, giving tangible substance to an intangible substance but the five minute movie is pretty cool, intriguing and altogether more clear than this sentence. The film's title is a reference to the neurological condition whereby synaesthetes experience one sense and an involuntary secondary sensation, shown in the film as colour blocks emanating from the source of sound. I have to confess that I watched the film blithely unaware of the references. Googling the name made it a little clearer. Now I appreciate the boy/man/old man structure, also the distress they have to endure. I read that as many as one in twenty-three of us may have the condition in some form or other. It is the final year project from four guys from Massey University in New Zealand, Tien Hee, Kasumi Saito, Leo Chida and Nikko Hull. They used Maya, After Effects and Photoshop. There's an amusing and appropriate ending to an at times dream-like film.

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