Friday, 24 February 2012

Kevin Dart & Stéphane Coëdel "A Year of Sun with Mr Persol" (2011)

So here's a movie that describes my year. A tad on the dour side I'll grant you but a frisson of the high octane glamour, sun, sea and suggestion are contained in A Year of Sun with Mr Persol, sixty seconds of blissful joie de vivre, with Dave Newby's upbeat music and sunglasses exclusive enough to satisfy even that king of cool, Steve McQueen. The piece is made for Italian eyewear brand Persol Eyewear, directed by Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel for the London office of Passion Pictures, with the agency Winkcreative. It has everything the happy bachelor could ever wish for - yachts, planes, cocktails, girls aplenty, red wine, fast cars, tennis, and sun sun sun. And I forgot the dog. To look good in this wonderworld you need the shades. The usually excellent Amid Amidi from Cartoon Brew suggested the piece might be an example of "over-art directing a piece of animation to the point where the message becomes buried within the polish of the artwork". Given that we are talking aspirational, life-style,designer, expensive ... I'm inclined to think Amid's comment more généralité than actualité. The film is bright, seductive. I got the message without any trouble seeing through the polish. In short, the video fits the brand perfectly. Persol has ninety years of selling the dream and keeping the sun out. Amid did go on to talk about the sophisticated design work et al. I'll add 1960's period, retro look, dazzling light and pace. No damp praise for a hot piece.


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