Saturday, 17 March 2012

Aardman / Sumo Science "Nokia Dot" (2010) & "Nokia Gulp" (2011)

Here is the first in a series of posts triggered by the recent British Animation Awards 2012. Best stop motion commercial was Nokia - Dot. In terms of technological advance it was obviously a winner given that the star of the piece, Dot, is a mere 9mm in height, the team from  Aardman, Sumo Science, utilising microscopic CellScope technology and a Nokia N8. I simply loved the textures of the various garments and items, all of which presented a real obstacle course for young Dot, although she found an ingenious solution to her problems. The team and camera phone were not finished yet though, obtaining the award for Best commissioned animation with their Nokia - Gulp. It was a clever switch, moving from the microscopic to the vast, shooting the sand animation on Pendine Beach in South Wales, covering 11,000 square feet: the world's smallest and largest animation sets. Once again it is the quality of the work not the means by which it was achieved that counts. The happy sailor copes with all adversity from gulping fish to exploding mine in a piece that is beautifully designed. Sandinyoureye were the sand sculptors. In both ads the music and sound are exemplary. The guitar music for Gulp was, appropriately, “Guitar Gulp”, composed by Will Grove-White with Jack Sedgwick designing the sound at Wave Studios. The sound for Dot was also produced there by Aaron Reynolds and composer Michael Sims.

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