Friday, 23 March 2012

Ahmad Saleh "House" (2011)

If only all political perspectives were as eloquently articulated as is Ahmad Saleh's four minute film, House. The movie is an extended metaphor on the state of Palestine, as the history of a family's house is traced from the moment when fertile orange tree and house is a welcoming home for family and guests, to the present day situation that is presented as hideously unfair. Narrator Ulrich Fuchs recounts a tale without obvious rancour that is all the more convincing for the restraint. The stop motion animation moves at a steady but remorseless pace, the nature of what is occurring unravelling over the years until the final depressing conclusion. The website outlines the family support for the project, and the process of manufacturing puppets set within the six month academic deadline. The video itself is for private viewing on Vimeo, the link above being to the Dragon Award For New Talent, one of the many screenings and awards Ahmad has enjoyed since its release. There is also a making of film more freely available. As Ahmad was born in Jordan of Palestinian origin, graduating from a German university, his film has its own stance as would any of those gracious Israelis whose work is also represented here. The Animation Blog is entirely non-political but it does appear to me that were those politicians with responsibility for the Middle East as dignified in their approach as the makers of House then we would be nearer to resolving one of the seemingly intractable problems of our world.

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