Monday, 5 March 2012

Bill Plympton "Mutant Aliens" (2001)

By some measure, Mutant Aliens, cannot be considered a short being almost 80 minutes in length. It also has the stroke of genius about it. Bill Plympton is no stranger to the Animation Blog, for good reason. His cartoon strip, adult style of animation has gleaned admirers all over the globe. This 2001 feature film concerns an astronaut sent into space, tricked and stranded by the rocket designer, Dr Frubar, leaving his five year old daughter to grow up and carry on the fight on earth, alongside boyfriend Darby, against the increasingly powerful and megalomaniac doctor, an invasion of vicious aliens and the timely return of her father and a mutant crew. There's much more and all in absurdly gratuitous scenes of a violent and sexual nature. So it is not the sort of movie to sit through with the young family. Plympton lampoons Big Government and B Movies. Everything really. There's no restraint. If the director ever discovered a sacred cow he'd have it strung up in the abattoir inside twenty frames and mince by the next. Funny moments? Josie, now in her twenties, waits for boyfriend to arrive for sex. Whilst she debates the whys and wherefores, Darby's trouser contents undergo a whole series of metaphorical transformations, demonstrating his anticipatory glee. Or the live news lady who gets too near to her interviewees and spoils her viewers' lunches. A gleeful classic.

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