Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dadomani Studio "The Box - Poltergeist" (2012)

You know how it is. An evening in front of the television with one's loved one. Except your partner's snoozing away and you play around with the remote control. When your companion is a box, and you are a box dog, there are complications, because out of boxes come things. Tennis ball or landlocked fish is one thing, poltergeist is quite another. Our canine box is taken on an out of body experience. The Box - Poltergeist, from our friends the Italian Dadomani Studio, whose other paper cut animation was featured today, is in quite a different style. At 3 minutes in length the piece is a definite movie, the team proving as adept with paper boxes as they are with white towns. The link is to the studio which provides a much deeper explanation than my own, with Box and Dox involved in "interactive hallucinations uncontrolled and interacting freely with their surrounding environment..." There's quite a bit more of this. Dox, by the way, is the box dog. Mmm it's a bit deeper than I can manage but I get the picture. And very good it is. Better than that. Dario Imbrogno was responsible for the animation, Patrizio Saccò the photography, Stefano Armeni the screenplay, Enrico Ascoli the sound compilation and the fluid simulation, Dario Cavaliere. I hope the box pooch recovers because there's a hint in Carlo Paolillo's (from Dadomani)  email to me that this is episode one of a series. I do hope so.

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