Monday, 12 March 2012

David Prosser "Goodnight" (Studio Aka 2011)

In 2010 I wrote about a talented young animator, David Prosser, whose film Clockwork, impressed me very much. Well he graduated from the RCA in London and was employed by one of the biggest studios around, Studio Aka. I'd hoped  to show his rather wonderful Matter Fisher but that is not released yet. However, in compensation here's a sixty second slot he did for his employers, Norwegian oil giant, Statoil. Goodnight takes as a starter a bedtime chat between father and daughter in which he is asked what daddy does for a living. That was filmed in a live action sequence before father and daughter are launched down into the animated North Sea seeking out the treasure that is there, but difficult to find. Dodging giant sea squid, sea monster and other more benign sea life, the pair reach their destination. It is all complemented by the music of Johann Johansson. Somehow David captures the undoubted drama of North Sea exploration with that wonder of childhood that makes for so much great animation and literature. It also appeals to the great pride Norway has in its nationalised oil company, a pride I witnessed when travelling all over the country last summer. Great country and people.

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