Sunday, 4 March 2012

Erez Horovitz "Love Is Making Its Way Back Home" (Josh Ritter 2012 )

Love Is Making Its Way Back Home is an interesting exercise in strata cut, paper animation carried out by Erez Horovitz for American singer-songwriter, Josh Ritter, whose easy on the ear song allows for a lazy drive through the countryside and coastline scenery. Thus everything is in silhouette, employing 12000 laser cut images, filmed at 15 frames per second without any post production over seven sleepless days and nights. Read in more detail about the process on Josh's blog including some revealing snaps of the cutouts hanging like some child's wardrobe of dolls' clothes, all in colour sequence, together with the lighting and stage set, and the guys shattered sprawled out on the studio floor. So it wasn't exactly sleepless after all. Practical aspects aside, there is considerable ingenuity shown in the narrative. I liked the stag who hitches a ride, moving in time to the windscreen wipers. He's making his way back home too.

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