Friday, 23 March 2012

François-Xavier Goby & Matthieu Landour (Nexus) "Seige" (Coca-Cola 2011)

Nearly 2,000000 hits on YouTube alone signifies the interest shown in the epic Seige made for Coca-Cola  by the London studio, Nexus. It won the Best Commercial: 3D in last week's British Animation Awards. Two French animators previously featured here and, in the early days of the blog as students, here, François-Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour were responsible. In the finest Tolkien fashion a momentous assault on a castle is due to be complemented by a fire breathing dragon. Cue the defenders' last chance when they launch a giant dragon themselves, this time made of ice. And you know what ice is needed for?  Thirst quenching extraordinaire. Now I have no intention of labouring over a sixty second ad seen by so many, suffice it to say it is so jaw droppingly spectacular it puts the "Ah" into Cola. Released for the American Superbowl in 2011 so it's big league, all right.

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