Tuesday, 13 March 2012

"InaniMate" Micheal O’Donogue, Soulla Josephides & Ying Hui Tan (2011)

The second short for today could not be much different. InaniMate is a toe curling cute effort from a British animation school that continually impresses, the University of Hertfordshire. Alien arrives through open window to child's nursery intent on finding a life partner. The fun actually commences before this as we see the control system for the flying saucer, but the instrumentation is not child's play for the radar points to the whereabouts of possible partners, however not before some hiccoughs along the way. I love the way in which the hairs on the alien's body stick up in static inspired excitement, and the little gasp of delight. And of course, in time honoured fashion, our guy sails into the sky with his chosen one. He has made an appropriate choice too so we get the wink before he whisks away. Technically as well as artistically well made, Micheal O’Donogue, Soulla Josephides and Ying Hui Tan were responsible for the winsome piece.

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Very funny.