Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kate Anderson "Displacement Song" (Liz Green 2011)

There does seem a plethora of female vocalists here in the UK at the moment. One of the most distinctive is Liz Green whose Displacement Song was named as best music video at the recent British Animation Awards. This is no music blog but I quite like her northern folksy voice blended with what sounds like a German oompah band. Whatever, the lyrics are sufficiently mysterious to allow scope for the animator. Kate Anderson from HSI’s animation section, Dept. A, takes a sombre view in her "who dun it?" historical ballad. Commencing with a burning town, set in a time long ago when soldiers had muskets, the dark story unravels of a pyromaniac puppeteer whose manipulation gets out of hand. It all seems particularly well suited to the look of puppets and cut-outs Kate has selected. Rather than scissors and string, the director uses Adobe's Photoshop, Flash and After Effects, finishing off with Apple's Final Cut. The end result is imbued with the period charm of the monochrome lithograph and the added attraction of the singer herself appearing in portraits, her hair very much in style with the piece.

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