Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kylie Matulick & Paul Kim (Psyop) "Go Your Own Way" (Lissie 2012)

How do you follow a wonderful first ad in a projected series in which women get back to themselves for ten precious minutes for their cup of Twinings Tea? Answer: Go Your Own Way. Last time was all at sea, now it's over mountain, bog and misty forest until the young woman meets ... herself. Once again it's a strong song, the Fleetwood Mac classic with American singer Lissie filling in for the magnificent Stevie Nicks. She does a great job. The ad, if a little shorter, still has that spectacular feel. Kylie Matulick and Paul Kim from Psyop direct with something approaching aplomb. Read more about Lissie via the link. Mind you, the song is a good one, ideal title too, given the campaign. Where to go next? Sea, land and .. it's got to be space. Do astronauts drink tea amongst the stars? Silly. I guess it will be a city break for the next ad. City woman snatching precious minutes from the office. Watch me claim copyright if they do. I'd push the Earl Grey, or Lady Grey. My favourites.

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