Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Lavazza - Favola a modo mio" DaDomani Studio (2011)

I've done the morning cuppa tea, so here's coffee to start the day. Lavazza - Favola a modo mio - freely translated as "Lavazza - Fairytale in my own way" - is a paper cut, stop motion animation by Milan based DaDomani Studio for the Italian coffee company. Rather tasteful it is too as a morning town wakes up to discover something is happening in the town square. The link is to the studio site and includes both a selection of images showing the fascinating process of creating the ad, together with a "making of " video. The model town looks exquisite, brightened by the stage lighting. It is also quite large in scale for those of us unused to the animation form. Andrea Ponzano's music is just right, creating both that fresh start to the day feel plus the rhythm of the coffee machine. Patrizio Saccò took the photo's and Andrea Lantelme was creative director. A genuinely refreshing piece, so peacefully white even with din of the Vespa; so much more than mere advertising. And genuine craftsmanship in the model making.

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