Monday, 26 March 2012

Marc Riba & Anna Solanas "La Lupe y el Bruno" (2005)

After an Oscar nominated Saturday, violent Sunday, here's a calming love story for a Monday morning. Marc Riba and Anna Solanas tell an age old story of girl meets boy, wants boy and will do everything it takes to get boy. Boy is nonchalant. Aren't we always? So girl uses all her charms and wiles to win over hesitant, shy boy. Who .... dithers. Lupe will not be denied however and when and if Bruno gets presumptious well maybe she'll just let him. Or not. La Lupe y el Bruno is set on a subway platform where our girl takes an instant shine to her man. You'll need to wait for Bruno's delayed reaction but the stop motion piece engages one's attention throughout, assisted by Bruno's ennui, Lupe's determination, Emilio Solla's music and two directors with a simple idea that is well executed. There's also more than one laugh aloud moment including a very funny, gripping resolution. I guess the pair are school pupils. It's the hot climate and all that waiting for public transport that does it.

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