Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Marcello Laruccia "Estupida" (2011 Nana Rizinni)

Sao Paulo's Nana Rizinni co opted fellow Brazilian animator Marcello Laruccia for her song, Estupida. I like music and video both. I'm not sure if the Goddess in the wings is Nana herself but she certainly leads her more leaden man towards the sun with some aplomb and there's not a hint of the Icarus myth. Marcello essentially establishes his characters in shades of monochrome though colour does enter the equation, as our girl stares down on a lumpen world where, amongst the street signs, is one banning music. Cue our girl to descend from her soaring tower and save the free world. Having translated the lyrics, I'm not entirely sure what the relationship between video and original lyrics are - Nana seems to be missing her man in the song. Here her heroine takes a more dominant role. Anyway I like women who sail on the thermals, live in towers and save a humdrum world from itself.

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