Friday, 16 March 2012

Osamu Tezuka "Muramasa" (1987)

Muramasa is an eloquent plea against war. A samurai discovers a cursed sword thrust through the heart of a straw man. With this weapon he slays all who oppose him, and many who do not. Men are scythed down as if they were made of straw. The slaughter appals him to such an extent that the result is inevitable. The great Osamu Tezuka has an extensive and varied body of work. I have laughed aloud at his films, several featured on the Animation Blog. Musamasa is different. The pace is slow, the animation taking the form of zooming in or panning out to capture the clear drawings, of the samurai's eyes or the sword. The piercing music of the flute is mournful, discordant when the violence occurs; the director bathes the screen with frequent colour to reflect a mood, be it a harsh orange for violence or the cool blue of morning in the forest. Muramasa Sengo is a figure from Japanese legend, a notorious swordsmith whose swords also had a sinister reputation. His name will crop up in many games. The link is to a High Definition version of the film.

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