Saturday, 24 March 2012

Patrick Doyon "Sunday" ("Dimanche" 2011)

Patrick Doyon's quietly disturbing comedy, Sunday, is based on memories of his Sundays with the family, the minutiae, routine, trivial dreams (dad's is of a toolbox!), passing the factory with the For Sale sign, the train that shakes the whole town as it passes, the squashed coin on the rail track. Then of course there are the animals. They don't fare well in the world of adults, squashed or sliced, boiled or mounted on the wall for all to see. Or the three crows who are there to squabble over lunch. Little boys notice these things, little boys who are at once the centre of attention and peripheral to the world of adults. Sunday has all the ingredients of comedy, the crows, the uproar of the train, or the fantasy that creeps in as lunch jumps up and looks at you. But somehow the bear changes all that. And what does the bear dream of? A fast train. That's what I found disturbing and sad. Beautifully observed and subtle through and through, this is a first class movie. The Montreal based animator draws his pen or ink sketches, then scans and colours each and every one on computer. His pared down style with its limited soft palette of shades is a delight. Patrick was nominated for an Oscar though lost out to The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. Consolations were that the NFB also had the wonderful Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis nominated alongside Patrick. (There is an alternative French site here for those YouTube viewers in the US.)


Anonymous said...

This video doesn't upload in the U.S.

Ian Lumsden said...

I have added a second link. It may work in the US!

Anonymous said...

The alternative site works for YouTube viewers in the US!! Thanks so much for posting!