Friday, 9 March 2012

Psyop - Twinings' “Sea” (Charlene Soraia - "Get Back To You" 2011)

A lone girl in a boat, battling the waves, carried aloft by white gulls till the storms fade and she disembarks into a crystal sea to a desert island where awaits .... herself. I'll drink to that. Twinings “Sea” is one of the most successful commercials of recent times, sparking over two million hits on YouTube for the singer Charlene Soraia with her version of The Callings' song, Get Back To You, one of the key ingredients for its success. But only one, for this is a premium brand. The treatment is sumptuous and I have heard it likened, correctly, to Philip Hunt and Studio Aka's Lost and Found, still the most popular movie in our home for the kids. Sea (rhymes with tea) was created essentially with Maya but using Photoshop and Flash for the portrait-like look of the 30 second piece. "Twinings gets you back to you" is the catchline at the close as the girl drinks her cuppa. A major effort by a host of people from Psyop and Smuggler, however I'll single out the Creative Director, Kylie Matulick. Last month the ad won the Annie Award in the Best Animated Television Commercial category. I drink the stuff, love the song, wouldn't row alone on a tempestuous sea.

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