Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rainmaker / Donna Brockopp "Luna" (2011)

You'll recognise the kind of animated short film. Cute figure is established, instant rapport with audience, then summary killing off. The weaker shorts do it. Maybe the less mature director(s) are unable to resist the lure of the shock tactic. Mercifully, Luna is decidedly not one of those, though the ingredients are all there for gore. Instead there's a gentleness about the piece that is very appealing. Very appealing characters too. Silky, caterpillar, meets Luna, a flirtatious yellow moth. Instantly attracted to each other there is much fluttering of wings and eyelashes before we discover Silky is trapped in a light box. He has time enough for romantic serenading on the guitar, courtesy a beguiling score from John McCarthy. I should also mention the bonus of an accomplished sound design from Craig Berkey. The short is set in a frankly theatrical setting with the moon as backdrop, a line of  old fashioned street lanterns, and atmospheric lighting like I used to fail to create on stage. Made by Vancouver's Rainmaker as a means of publicising the work of the company, it was directed by Donna Brockopp and written and produced by Rainmaker's president, Catherine Winder. Donna is a graduate of Sheriden College with twenty years experience of working in the industry, including at Walt Disney. Her experience shows as does that of a skilled team. Luna is offered as an antidote to all those fearsome works I commenced with and as a platform for displaying the wares of a professional outfit. 

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