Saturday, 31 March 2012

Richard Borge "I Am Organic" (Meat Beat Manifesto 2011)

Given a free hand of tracks from Meat Beat Manifesto for an exhibition at .No Gallery in New York, Richard Borge chose I Am Organic and had the luxury of three weeks to work on the final product. The result is an eclectic collage mix of images and live action including what I take for the two band members in spacesuits losing control with a fish cum spacecraft swimming in an orange yellow ocean. I'm not entirely sure what the genre of music is but I guess techno would get in the mix. Most things have. For all sorts of reasons when time pressures are there - they nearly always are in animation and always are in music video animation - there's got to be bit of duplication of images. It works very well here, inventively, adding to the music in a contemporary, synchronised to the beat, way. As for the content, well, flying saucers, fish shaped spacecraft doing the space trawler bit and multi footed beasties seem surprisingly apt. Somehow. Richard is an interesting guy, with a variety of teaching experience, which he continues to work at part time whilst making slick animation work, freelance in New York,  Richard has quite few samples of work on his YouTube channel.